Will these hammocks fit on a hammock stand?

Yes, however [if can] we highly recommend setting up your hammock with more of a banana shape.  This allows your body to stretch out at a 45 degree angle keeping your back flat.  This is the ideal shape for laying in a hammock without the spreader bar.  This position is much better for both your blood circulation and comfort.

What if I don't have two trees?

No need brah o sistah.  A tree branch, support beams, or drill in anchor bolts.  As long as your supports are strong enough to support the weight, hang em!  Where there is a will, there is a way.  Check out our Facebook page or Instagram link at the bottom of the page to help get inspired. FOLLOW-LIKE-SHARE-RELAX @hangloosehammockshawaii

Do you offer a warranty?

As we offer a variety of hammocks, working with many different family artisans,  we guarantee that each hammock has been inspected and is of the highest quality.  If there is a problem, contact us in a timely manner and we will refund or replace your hammock.  As a family run business here in Hawaii, we depend on "coconut wireless"  and want nothing more than for our customers to be enjoying their hammocks and to be sharing a positive experience with their Ohana & friends.

Any other questions?

Just ask.  Unlike giant online retailer's, phantom online businesses or big box stores, you will be purchasing from a Hawaii grown & family owned company with 2 brick and mortar locations.  Ask us, and you get us.  We will do our best to answer your question.  Mahalo, we appreciate your business.