Hammock Chair Stand $299

• This is a Solid and Safe Frame. Built to order with Solid Wood & Cast Iron Fittings

• Extremely Easy to Assemble and Breakdown

• The Connecting Cast Iron Braces and Hooks are Included for a Quick and Easy Assembly.

• This is a Sturdy Base / Frame for a Chair or Sitting Hammock without the Spreader Bar

• Please Allow 2-4 Weeks

Length- 2.29'
Hight- 5.24'
Width- 3.77'

Weight Support- 660 lb..

Item Weight 40 lb..


Hammock Stand / Frame $549

Luxury base / frame for any Hangloose Hammock

A high quality look and feel that is unmatched with any other hammock stand on the market today.

*This is a sturdy frame, built to order with 100% Pine Wood & Cast Iron 

*Connecting Cast Iron braces and hooks are included for a quick and easy assembly.

*A  luxury base / frame for  laying hammocks

*Please allow 2-4 Weeks for completion and shipping.

Length- 16.04'
Hight- 5.90'
Width- 4.92'

Weight Support- 990 lb.

Item Weight 80 lb.