Mayan Artisans

Having been around for hundreds of years.  The Mayan hammocks are used throughout Mexico as furniture in homes or in many cases, to replace a bed.    

The Mayan hammocks we offer: The quality begins with the thread used to weave the hammocks. We are working with a family that, for the past 35 years, has been manufacturing the strings used by the Mayans who weave the hammocks. They have made and are responsible for approximately 3-5 miles of string used in each hammock. That being said, there is no other company in the market that has this degree of quality control.

From the factory the string goes to over 500 families in the Yucatan country-side who carry out the hand weaving process. Working with many of the same families for several generations, each earning a fair wage while keeping their tradition alive. When the weaving is complete (3-5 days, depending on the size) the hammocks are brought to the center of Merida for a final inspection. Then they are shipped to Maui, Hawaii to be offered by Hangloose Hammocks Hawaii. From start to finish we guarantee the quality, comfort and a smile.