Hanging Hardware

We have set up our hammocks over the years with boating rope, para cord, chains, surf straps, surf leashes and more.   However, if you want to take out the guesswork while being more gentle to the trees, we suggest our specifically designed hammock straps.  We also offer 24KN, lightweight climbing carabiners to ease the hanging process.

6'  "Tree Friendly" Straps $24.98

(2 - 6ft) Polypropylene straps.  Extremely strong, weather resilient.  Weighing in at only 7 oz.  These lightweight tree friendly straps make them the backpacker's favorite.    Tie your own slip knot to adjust the height or use 1 of the 2 loops sewn on each end.

12'  "Easy Hang" Straps  $39.98

(2 - 12ft) Non-stretch Nylon "Easy Hang" straps with 20 integrated loop adjustments per strap.  Perfect for larger trees or bigger distances.  Thats's 24ft of strap with 4o adjustments points giving you the most flexibility to hang your hammock.


24 kN 28g Climbing Carabiners $17.98

In the climbing world 24 kilonewtons (kN) are the approximate equivalent to 5395.41 pounds (lbs) of force.  That's overkill with the hammocks, however they are lightweight at only 28grams and awesome!