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"Helping the world relax, one hammock at a time".



What Began as a Mai-Tai Dream to Provide Hammocks in Hawaii back in 2007 has Evolved into a Family Owned and Operated Company with Two Hammock Shops on the Island of Maui.   Providing Fair Trade Employment to Small Family Artisans Spread Across 5 Countries Through the Sales of Hammocks.  We have Independently Traveled to and Have Forged Lasting Relationships with the Families & Artisans Responsible for Creating each Hammock.  It has been our Mission to Avoid Mass Production with Cheaper Labor & Larger Profits.  [Hawaii Magazine May 2016] “When You’re Swaying Into a Hawaiian Sunset you can Rest Easy Knowing You’re Supporting other Families Across that Horizon”

Plain and simple, If you want the best hammock you can find available, stick with Hangloose Hammocks Hawaii.
— Dave M, Yelp Review
Super friendly, ethically sourced, whats not to like!
— Steven V, Square Review
When you’re swaying into a Hawaiian sunset you can rest easy knowing you’re supporting other families across that horizon”
— 2016 Readers Choice Issue, Hawaii Magazine
A Hawaii grown and family run company, “helping the world relax, one hammock at a time”.
— Hangloose Hammocks Hawaii

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